Frequently Asked Questions

Are the products really made in the country of origin? 

Yes, they ALL are.  The products are all naturally made in country origin by the creators featured on our website.  They have been vetted by the 21 Degrees LLC as well as salons and estheticians.

How do I know the items are fresh? 

Because the items are natural, they are shipped through customs in quality control units.  In addition, our facility in the United States is temperature controlled.  We want to ensure that you get the product as if it was created the same day.

What is the background of your company? 

The Founder worked for Estee Lauder Corporate and Clinique International. So, she is educated on beauty and hygiene market, quality control and customer service.  All products have been vetted by the founder, salons, and estheticians.

What do you mean by natural? 

Natural means the products from the country of origin are all made from pure ingredients grown in that country.  For example, things like Aloe and/or plants, fruits, minerals are grown from trees and from the ground, making the product pure in its natural state.  There is extremely, few non-natural products in makeup, such as coloring that has been approved by the FDA or they would not be in the United States.